Tips from our emergency dentist in Marysville

If you believe you are experiencing a dental emergency, call our emergency dentist in Marysville right away. It can be difficult to decipher what is an emergency and what may be able to wait until the next available appointment, so we have created this helpful guide for our patients! Whether you are experiencing a recurring pain in one area of your mouth or if you have slight bleeding when you brush, we can help you get a healthy smile! Keep reading to learn more about how to identify a dental emergency.
Some clear signs that you are experiencing a dental emergency include:
  • Persistent shooting pain in one area of the gums
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Broken tooth that leaves a sharp edge or reaches the gums
  • Swelling along the jaw
  • Sudden tooth loss
Many dental emergencies happen suddenly, though they can also develop over a period of time. The best way to protect yourself from a dental emergency is to maintain your regular dental appointments. This can give your dentist the opportunity to fully examine your teeth and gums every six months to monitor any irregularities. If you have a history of poor oral health, some additional appointments or dental treatments may be necessary to prevent the development of a dental emergency. By taking the steps to protect your smile, you are saving yourself from needing more extreme treatments that could cost you a lot of money. Care for your teeth as directed and visit our emergency dentist in Marysville regularly to help minimize your chance of developing a serious oral health issue.
Patients can also experience dental emergencies that are a result of injury, such as in sports or from an accident. While there is no way to fully prevent a sudden emergency, you may be able to minimize your level of risk. If you know you will be participating in a contact sport, you should wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth. Getting a tooth knocked out can be really painful and expensive to repair, so wear a mouthguard if possible. Other tooth or gum injuries that result from accidents may require immediate medical attention. We advise patients to call 911 if they are severely injured. However, if your injury is purely dental, we may be the right person to call. If you have chipped or broken a tooth that leaves a sharp edge or fractures the tooth down to the gumline, call our emergency dentist in Marysville right away. A sharp tooth can cut the inside of your mouth and put you in further danger. A tooth fracture that reaches the gums can leave you at risk for infection or nerve damage, so it should not be ignored.
A dental abscess can be possibly life-threatening if not treated right away, so it is important that you know the signs. An abscess is an infection that has reached the root of your tooth. Pus develops under the surface of your gums and can infect your whole body. If you are experiencing persistent pain in one area of your gums, you may have a dental abscess. The pain increases over time and should not be ignored or treated with pain medication. Instead, call our office to let us know about any recurring pain that you may be experiencing. We can bring you in right away to see if you have any underlying health concerns. Jaw pain can also be caused by frequently grinding your teeth, so it is best if you talk to us about any discomfort you are experiencing. We can help to properly diagnose you and get you the appropriate care.