Technology Used by Our Dentist in Tulalip, WA

We use only state of the art technology when dealing with your dental concerns. Here are some of the great technological advances you will find in our office.
Digital X-Ray
Many professionals in the dental industry are now using digital x-rays. This technology allows the dentist to view an image of your teeth through a special imaging software. With this program, there are tools available to your dentist that will allow a more precise investigation of your teeth. Now, it is possible to view the tooth and surrounding structures with intense accuracy. 
In addition, you’ll receive up to 80% less radiation than when you are exposed to a standard x-ray. This is because the digital x-ray is more sensitive to radiation so less is needed. This technology benefits both the patient and dentist.
Intraoral Camera
This amazing diagnostic tool allows your dentist to view different angles throughout the mouth. These angles would not have been viewable just a few years ago. We have the ability to view your entire mouth on the monitor and examine for any potential issues that could arise. 
The great thing about this technology is that it also allows the patient to see the images as well. It will help to understand more fully what is occurring within your mouth. Insurance companies are more apt to allow procedures when these digital images are submitted.
Lasers are quickly becoming the go-to technology in dental offices. This high-tech device is capable of aiding your dentist in the following ways:
Removing decay from small fillings
Replacing fillings with a natural color to your tooth
Performing gum surgeries without needles, stitches or bleeding
Performing dental procedures without the use of a drill
Rotary Endodontics
This is more commonly referred to as a root canal and can be a painful procedure for many. The nerves and roots of the tooth need to be removed during a root canal due to infections and pain experienced by the patient.
By using Rotary Endodontics instead, your dentist will utilize an electrical handpiece. This tool allows the procedure to be completed faster. It also makes the overall process easier on your dentist.
When you are ready for any of these dental procedures, or if you have any questions, be sure to give us a call so we can ensure you understand everything involved. We are here to serve our patients. Your satisfaction and oral health are our top priorities.