Dentist in Marysville, WA Shares Everything You Need to Know

Newborns who are born tongue-tied have what’s called, ankyloglossia. The frenum which connects to the bottom of the tongue and mouth ends up restricting the baby’s regular movement. You might notice some issues with speaking or nursing which are the most common symptoms. Thankfully, it isn’t hard to repair this condition.
Symptoms of a Tongue-Tied Baby
If you have a nursing baby, it’s often easy to tell if they are tongue-tied. Here are some of the symptoms to look for.
Suction breaks during feeding
The baby makes a clicking noise while feeding
Baby’s weight gain is happening slowly
Your nipples might become sore because the baby chews instead of sucks
Your milk supply begins to decrease
Treatment Procedures of a Tongue-Tied Baby
Most traditional treatments include cutting or clipping the frenum tissue. There are now some gentle procedures using lasers. This allows an application of cold water throughout the procedure. It leads to virtually no pain or bleeding, plus the risk of infection is decreased. Treatments with a laser tend to take just a few minutes to complete.
Is It Okay to Wait and See?
It’s not recommended that parents wait to see if the tongue-tied baby needs treatment. While some people have chosen this route, being tongue-tied often leads to more substantial issues later in life. Sometimes, tongue-tied infants are not diagnosed and they end up as children with other symptoms such as:
Difficulty pronouncing certain sounds
Trouble eating
Poor nutrition
Issues with breathing such as asthma, sleep disorders and allergies
If you’re an adult who might have a tongue-tied condition, there’s still treatment available to you.
See if you have any of these symptoms:
Waking up tired
Brain fog
Lack of energy
Sleep apnea
Pain in your jaw, neck, shoulder or an audible jaw clicking
Tooth sensitivity
Breathing through the mouth
Teeth grinding
No matter what age the tongue-tied condition is diagnosed, it’s important to seek treatment. The earlier it’s caught the better, which is why childhood dental exams are essential. Make an appointment for a tongue-tied evaluation today and save your child years of issues as they get older. Your dentist in Marysville, WA can be reached at (360) 659-1149.