Dental Implants

Dental Implants are growing in popularity when it comes to replacing missing teeth.  When having a dental implant procedure performed, titanium supports are used within the jawbone.  They will be surgically fused in place and set as an anchor for a natural looking false tooth or teeth.  Instead of using dentures, why not have a tooth or multiple teeth replaced through the use of dental implants?
Advantages of Dental Implants
Natural looking teeth are implanted
Teeth are stable and comfortable due to the implantation within the jaw
They can last a lifetime
Disadvantages of Dental Implants
Many implants require a significant financial investment
The visits and procedure can be time-consuming for the patient
About 5% of the time, the surgery can fail
Types of Implants Being Used
Your dentist will know which option of an implant is best for your needs.  Here are the types that are currently being offered:
Root Form Implant
Usually the most common form of an implant, the root form implant will use a screw that is shaped like the root of your tooth.  It will be installed into the jawbone and the tooth will be attached to the screw.
Plate Form Implant
Instead of the root shaped screw, this procedure will utilize a flat, long screw.  These are best suited towards patients who have a narrow jawbone.
Subperiosteal Implants
Some people find that they do not have enough bone width or height of their jaw for either of the above options to work.  When this occurs, a subperiosteal implant will be necessary.  This implant sits on top of the bone instead of inside, but it is still located below the gums.
Good Candidates to Dental Implants
Not everyone should consider having dental implant procedures performed.  Here are some of the necessary things a patient should have before moving forward with dental implants:
Healthy Gums
Good bone density
Optimal oral health
Free of serious health issues
If you are considering dental implants, contact our office for more information.  We will be able to work with you to plot out a treatment plan that suits your needs.