Teeth Whitening

If you are like many, you can be suffering from the discoloration of your teeth.  Over the years, our enamel will wear down and cause a different shade of tooth to arrive.  This is due to the dentin, which is below the enamel, being exposed.  Dentin is a yellow-color material that makes up the inside of our teeth.  Teeth whitening can help you to restore a bright white color to your teeth again through the use of bleach.
Methods of Teeth Whitening
Two popular methods are currently being used at your dentist.  The first option is an in-office teeth whitening procedure.  This process can produce a quick color change to your teeth in a short amount of time.  Within an hour, your dentist can apply a high-concentration of peroxide gel directly to your teeth.  This will be done after your teeth have been protected with a shield.
The second option is to use a take home whitening kit.  We have these available for purchase and can be done conveniently at your convenience in your own home. 
Because you are using these without the dentist, the strength will be less than the in-office bleaching.  This means you can expect the process to take a little longer if you wish to do it on your own.  You will wear the trays for a couple of hours per day or even overnight depending on the product.  The entire whitening process could take you up to several weeks to complete.
Benefits to Teeth Whitening with Your Dentist
Can produce fast results
Safest way to bleach your teeth
Sensitivity is lowered due to the thicker peroxide gels and the use of desensitizers.
When you are ready to discuss options of teeth whitening for your mouth, we are available to answer your questions and concerns.  Contact us to schedule an appointment so we can help you to figure out the best treatment plan for your needs.