The Importance of Orthodontic Care from Our Tulalip WA Dentist

It’s time to celebrate Orthodontic Health Awareness Month. When your teeth are straight, they also allow you to have a good bite, make it easier to chew and speak as well. These are a lot of reasons to be happy about the work of orthodontic care in our lives.
Here are five health benefits you might not have known about related to orthodontic care.
Head, Neck, and Shoulder Pain Relief
Imbalances in the mouth might impact other areas of your body. Misaligned teeth are known to lead to headaches and tooth grinding. It also causes shoulder and neck pain. All of this discomfort is relieved by restoring a natural bite.
Better Sleep
Issues with your jaw and tooth alignment might also interrupt your sleep. This leaves you tired and irritable throughout the day. Whether its sleep apnea or teeth grinding that keeps you awake, alignment correction should alleviate the situation, allowing you to sleep better at night.
For those who have trouble breathing at night, you might find that orthodontic treatment also opens up the sinus passageways. When you can breathe, it’s much easier to sleep.
Improved Oral Hygiene
If your teeth are crowded, food debris gets stuck between the surfaces. Left untreated, this leads to tooth decay and gum disease. Teeth that aren’t crowded are much easier to clean, making it simple to reduce your chances of periodontal disease and cavities.
IBS Symptom Improvement
Many people that suffer from IBS symptoms find that they haven’t chewed their food correctly. Misaligned teeth make it difficult to eat thereby exasperating digestive issues. With an aligned bite, the way you chew food is perfected and a lot of these symptoms seem to go away.
When you have straight teeth, you feel good about yourself. This causes you to be more comfortable, outgoing and happy. Self-esteem plays a significant role in mental health, so orthodontic treatment is necessary for your entire well-being.