Dentists in Marysville, WA Help Parents Protect Their Children

Protecting your children from cavities is one of your main priorities which is why you’ll want to consider the use of dental sealants. Here is everything you need to know about this treatment so you can make a good decision.
Cavity Protection
Dental sealants are created from a resin that is protective when applied to the teeth. It prevents cavities from occurring because it covers up the crevices and deep grooves that occur on the tooth. Most of the time, sealants are placed on children’s permanent molars. There are times when using sealants is also appropriate on baby teeth or the other permanent teeth as well. 
For the most part, sealants help to keep the tooth free of plaque or bacteria buildup which later leads to decay and cavities. 
Best Age for Sealants
Most dentists agree that the best time for children to get sealants is as soon as the permanent molars erupt. This is normally between the ages of six and seven. Then, around the age of twelve when the second set of molars come in, you’ll want to have those protected as well. Your dentist will be able to guide you into the perfect timing for your child’s situation.
Application of Sealants
The nice thing about dental sealants is that the application is quick and painless. It only takes a few minutes for the entire process to be complete. Here are the steps that are part of the sealant process.
The dentist cleans the teeth to be treated.
Then, an etching material is applied to the teeth and sets for a minute before it’s rinsed away.
From here, the teeth will be dried and the sealant gets brushed on the teeth.
The dentist uses a strong light to set and activate the sealant.
That’s it! Once the sealant is set, your child is protected from decay and cavities. It doesn’t get much easier than that. On top of that, the treatment is affordable and costs a fraction of what it would be to have teeth repaired from decay. If you haven’t considered sealants yet for your child’s teeth, now is the time to speak to your dentists in Marsville, WA. Quil Ceda Happy Dental can be reached at (360) 659-1149, we look forward to speaking with you.