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It’s a common misconception that gum disease only affects the mouth, be we now know that isn’t true. Evidence suggests that periodontal disease also plays a role in people who suffer from diabetes.
Basic Understanding of Diabetes
Someone that battles diabetes has a glucose level that is abnormally high. This can be caused by hereditary genetics or environmental causes. Those with Type 2 Diabetes also tend to have issues with obesity. 
Diabetes results in severe consequences which include renal failure, nerve damage, cardiovascular disease, eye damage, trouble with wound healing and death.
The Basics of Periodontal Diseases
Another name for periodontal disease is gum disease. This is caused by plaque which collects between teeth and the gums. It will eventually destroy periodontal tissues which can lead to larger concerns. A patient can also suffer from bone or tooth loss.
The Connection Between Diabetes and Periodontal Disease
Your immune system triggers inflammation when it wants to respond to issues in the body. When you have inflammation, it’s a signal that your immune system is hard at work. This is how your body fights off diseases and stops it from spreading.
When we have long-term inflammation in our body, the cells are constantly being shifted to that area to fight disease. This leads to a weakened immune system. In a person with diabetes, the person is already suffering from a weakened immune system. A weak immune system makes it difficult to heal any soft tissue including the gums.
Patients with both periodontal disease and diabetes can often suffer from kidney complications and cardiovascular diseases.
Preventing Periodontal Disease
Your first line of attack is to prevent periodontal disease from occurring in the first place. Here are some helpful tips:
Brush your teeth twice a day
Floss once each day
Eat a nutritious diet full of fruits and vegetables
Visit the dentist twice yearly for a checkup and cleaning
If you have periodontal disease or diabetes, you need to be extremely careful with your health. It’s also important that you visit the dentist on a regular basis to ensure you are doing everything possible. Together you can prevent life-threatening ailments and stay healthy.