Emergency Dentist in Marysville Shares Causes of Tooth Pain

There aren’t many types of pain that can be compared to a toothache. A toothache can run the gamut from simply annoying to down right debilitating. When this happens, there is no question it is time to contact your dentist. But it can be helpful to know what exactly is going on in your mouth. After all, a toothache is merely a symptom of a bigger problem. Toothaches can result from damage to the tooth itself but it can also result from problems with the gum around the tooth. Let’s look at some specific problems that can cause a toothache. 
A simple cavity may be the source of a toothache. A cavity is essentially an area of tooth that has been slowly destroyed by bacteria. As this area degenerates, it makes the tooth more susceptible to stimulation from cold, hot, and sweets. Most toothaches that are directly related to a cavity exhibit moderate pain at worst. The obvious solution for this kind of toothache is removal of the diseased tooth and placement of a filling. 
Some cavities go untreated for so long that they come very close to or in fact make it all the way to the nerve of the tooth. When the nerve of a tooth is exposed (or very nearly exposed), more significant pain is often experienced. If you have a tooth that experiences moderate to severe pain, especially when eating and drinking, it could be due to a very deep cavity. Fillings can fix this, of course, but the possibility of needing a root canal cannot be ruled out. 
Infected or Abscessed Tooth
An abscessed tooth is one in which the inner part of the tooth, known as the pulp, has become infected by bacteria. The pulp contains nerves and blood vessels and other tissues responsible for keeping the tooth healthy. When bacteria builds up inside this small space within the tooth, a tremendous deal of pressure builds up, which is why people with abscessed teeth often complain of a “throbbing “ sensation. Antibiotics can relieve the symptoms of an abscessed tooth, but only a root canal will solve the problem permanently. 
Regardless of what type of toothache you are experiencing, it is always wise to get a dentist’s diagnosis. Many toothaches are due to problems that can be easily fixed, provided they are caught early. The longer you wait, the more complex the necessary treatment may become. 
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