3 Important Signs of a Great Marysville, WA Dentist 


Looking for a new dentist in Marysville, WA? Pay attention to these signs because they differentiate great dentists from good ones. You’ll be rewarded with a healthier smile and greater peace of mind. 


Keep reading for our top three essential signs of a great dentist!  


They Listen 


This quality is paramount if you have dental anxieties! Reputable dentists will take the time to listen to your past medical issues, concerns, and questions and learn about your goals for your smile. Then, they’ll consider all of this when recommending treatments and procedures.  


You’ll feel as if your dentist is your advocate and not a salesman trying to push you to agree to procedures you’re unsure about.  


They Create a Comforting Environment 


Great dentists are also aware that the environment matters to patients. So beyond being clean, sanitized, and tidy, you’ll feel comfortable the moment you walk inside. This can be from comfortable chairs, friendly staff, or music or television playing to distract you during the procedures.  

They understand that the patient experience matters when it comes to people returning for their twice-yearly cleanings!  


They Educate 


Lastly, great dentists in Marysville will take the time to educate you about your teeth. This is because they understand that prevention is half the battle. For that reason, you’ll learn how to floss your teeth properly and the problem areas of your teeth that are more prone to cavities.  


These dentists take pride in their patient’s education–they want you to always have clean and sparkling smiles.  


Schedule an Appointment with Your Marysville, WA Dentist Today 


Of course, great dentists will make scheduling appointments easy, whether you prefer calling or emailing. They’ll make the process as stress-free as possible.  


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